​Regarding the Accreditation process to the sixth Round of the Negotiations on Syria within the Astana Process

Distinguished Representatives of the Media,

The 6th high-level meeting of the Astana Process on Syria will take place on 14-15 September 2017.

Journalists are invited to provide media-coverage of the plenary session which is to be held on 15 September at the «Rixos President Astana» Hotel (time of the beginning of the session will be announced additionally).

In order to get accredited it is necessary to send a filled accreditation form (attached hereto) and a scanned copy of a passport, under the “Syrian talk” email subject, to the accreditation@mfa.kz email address, by 12 p.m. (time of Astana) 13 September.

Time and place of a press conference (if any) following the meeting will be announced additionally.

Created at : 11.09.2017, 10:15, Updated at : 11.09.2017, 10:15