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Dear friends,

I am glad to welcome you at the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The foreign policy of our state, determined by First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev, is based on the concept of peacefulness, openness, multi-vector approach, balance and pragmatism.

Over 27 years of independence, our country has made a qualitative leap forward and has become one of the fastest growing economies of the world, coped well with the tasks of successful integration into international processes and international recognition, legalization of state borders, disarmament and renunciation of nuclear missile potential.

The activity of the Foreign Ministry of independent Kazakhstan is aimed at developing and deepening equal and mutually beneficial relations with all our close and distant partners, advocating national interests in the international arena and protecting the interests of our country's citizens abroad, attracting foreign direct investment, ensuring the best external conditions for implementing large-scale modernization initiatives of the head of state, enshrined in the national strategies and programs including Kazakhstan 2050, Nurly Zhol, the 100 Concrete Steps Plan of the Nation, Third Modernization, Rukhani Zhangyru, and Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life.

The task of strengthening the economic dimension of our foreign policy, promoting the sustainable and dynamic development of the Kazakh economy, promoting the products of Kazakh enterprises to foreign markets, as well as digitizing the priority sectors of the Kazakh economy and attracting innovative technologies will be put at the forefront of the Foreign Ministry's work.

Certainly, Kazakhstan's active participation in the activities of international organizations is of particular importance for our diplomacy. Our membership in the UN Security Council in 2017-2018, mediation in resolving international conflicts, holding of the Caspian Summit, the Astana EXPO 2017, and the First OIC Summit on Science and Technology, as well as the launch of the AIFC, consistent work aimed at strengthening partnership with the EAEU and within other multilateral organizations are an important contribution of Kazakhstan to the global and regional agenda and reinforce our country's reputation and status of a responsible global citizen, an active and full-fledged member of the international community.

Along with key international priorities in the work of the ministry, in 2019 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan will take on new challenges: maintaining proactive foreign policy within international organizations (UN, SCO, EAEU, OSCE, CSTO, etc.), continued hosting of the Astana Process on Syria, active attraction of investment and tourists to Kazakhstan and further promotion of our “economic diplomacy" in general.

I hope our website provides you with comprehensive information about the activity of the ministry and the main priorities of Kazakhstan's foreign policy.

With best wishes,

Beibut Atamkulov,

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Astana, December 27, 2018

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