​Kazakhstan Committed to Scaling up Contribution to UN Peacekeeping Operations

Kazakhstan Committed to Scaling up Contribution to UN Peacekeeping Operations

NEW YORK, September 12, 2018– Kazakhstan is committed to scaling up its contribution to United Nations (UN)peacekeeping operations,byco-deploying its unit along side India in Lebanon and through the UN certification of the KAZCENT Kazakh peacekeeping trainingcentre. This was stated by Kazakhstan'sPermanent Representative to the UN Kairat Umarov at a meeting of the Security Council on Peacekeeping Reform and Performance.

During the meeting, the Kazakh Ambassador called for transformative changes, innovative approaches and new yardsticks of measurement in every sector of the organisation's peacekeeping. He called the strengthening of coordination and accountability of all UN agencies one of the main prerequisitesof effective peacekeeping.

“We are confident that active involvement and engagement of new countries in UN peacekeeping, including through co-deployments, would bring in fresh vigour, new blood and greater efficiency for peace operations,” Mr. Umarov stated. He added that the process would enhance the credibility and effectiveness of UN missions, promote cooperation and collective responsibilities of countries, regional organisations and the world community as a whole.

The head of the Kazakh delegation also stressed the importance of partnership between regional organisationsin preventing and resolving conflicts, and recalled Kazakhstan's threefold strategy for preventing conflicts and their root causes. This strategy is based on the security‑development nexus to increase the effectiveness of the international community'sstabilisation measures, a strategic regional approach to address pressing issues, and a greater coordination of various UN institutions and agencies to improve the effectiveness of assistance on the ground and transparency.

UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix also addressed the Security Council. He urged countries with advanced military capabilities to send more peacekeepers, equipment and logistics support to UN missions, as well as to strengthen peacekeeping training.

At the end of October, Kazakhstan will send a peacekeeping company of 120 servicemen to the UN Interim Force in Lebanon together with Indian peacekeepers.

The UN Interim Force in Lebanon was established in March 1978 to confirm the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the country and assist the government of Lebanon in restoring authority in the country. Currently, more than 10,000 servicemen from 42 countries are serving in the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.

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