Cooperation with OECD

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was established in 1948.

The headquarters is located in Paris (France).

Secretary General from 2006 to the present - José Angel Gurria Trevigno.

OECD goals: A coordinated policy aimed at ensuring sustainable economic growth and improving the living standards of member countries.

The OECD includes 36 countries.

OECD countries account for 60% of global GDP.

OECD has a policy of expanding the number of participants.

Latvia joined the OECD in 2016, and Lithuania and Colombia joined in 2018.

The main governing body of OECD is the OECD Council. It consists of 1 representative from each country, as well as 1 representative of the European Commission. The Council is chaired by the Secretary General, Angel Gurria.

Kazakhstan has been cooperating with the OECD since 2008 in the framework of the Eurasian Competitiveness Program, which includes 13 countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.

In June 2017, Kazakhstan officially became an “associate member" of the OECD Investment Committee, and also became the 48th country to join the OECD Declaration on international investment and multinational enterprises.

Kazakhstan's joining the OECD Investment Committee and the Declaration testifies to Kazakhstan's desire to provide a fair and transparent environment for international investment.

Together with OECD experts, two Investment Policy Reviews of Kazakhstan were conducted. As a result OECD gave recommendations on improving the investment climate in Kazakhstan. The first Review was conducted in 2011-2012, the second Review was conducted in 2015-2017.

First investment policy review of Kazakhstan by OECD

Second investment policy review of kazakhstan by OECD

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