In the oldest political club of The Hague "Societeit de Witte" 2018 results were summarized

While opening up the event the Ambassador of Kazakhstan Magzhan Ilyasov noted that Kazakhstan is successfully accomplishing a non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council and intends to continue work within the post SC agenda.

The Ambassador also stressed the attention of participants on the main obstacles and demands the world had faced with in the departing year: chronic confrontation between world powers, sanctions regimes and “trade wars", turmoil across the Middle East, spinning up threat of terrorism and extremism, issues of cyber security and data protection.

Meantime Kazakhstan in the year past made a significant contribution to strengthen a global security architecture through progressive steps in enhancing both regional and global order.

Particularly Astana has become an internationally recognized peace platform for the Syrian crisis settlement, the Kazakh military affiliated to the joint Kazakh-Indian peacekeeping mission to stabilize Lebanese issues, also the first international conference on the Afghan women empowerment was held in the capital city and next Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions has been successfully completed.

During the event a documentary film “Where the wind blew" was shown to the discussants. The film is about a history of the largest Soviet Union nuclear testing site Semey located in Kazakhstan and was produced by English film director Andre Singer. After watching the documentary participants has been actively sharing their views on the issue of nuclear testing and emphasized the crucial role of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in nuclear disarmament.

Marzhan Nurzhan is one of the speakers and regional coordinator of the non-governmental organization 'Parliamentarians for Non-Proliferation and Abolition of Nuclear Weapons' noted that Kazakhstan is currently has a leading position in non-proliferation and prohibition of weapons of mass destruction which is witnessed by global 'ATOM' project – petition for nuclear weapons free world initiated by Kazakhstan. Young parliamentarian considers that the whole world community including states possess nuclear armory must be joined to the petition.

Participants of discussion represented by the Dutch academic community, non-governmental organizations, members of the Parliament and mass media shared an unanimous vision on Kazakhstan's successful peace initiatives that become vital and particularly relevant during a period of growing threat to the global stability and security and stressed the leading role of the Head of State in the issues of global settlement.

One of the speakers of the panel discussion Dutch Parliament member R. Ganzevurt, has recently participated in the 6th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Astana in October of this year, stated that the Congress of leaders turns into the important tools of fostering a dialogue between faith leaders all over the world. As the politician mentioned, religion as well as politics is one of the effective levers of impact on society, however the main aim of the religion is to cherish not to separate a society and promote a world old values of goodness, peace and tolerance.

At the end of the event participants of discussion had a chance to view Kazakhstani documentalists photos that depict the chronology of creation and subsequent closure of the nuclear test site Semey, as well as it was a “live gallery" of people and their destinies during the nuclear explosions.

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