Pupils of Arys children’s home get acquainted with Moldova

On the evening of Sunday 8 September, four pupils of the Arys children’s home arrived in the Moldovan capital for a stay which included a program of studying the historical-geographical and ethnocultural features of the country and region.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the city of Chisinau, with the coordination of the Nur Otan party organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, facilitated the program at the beginning of the school year to expand the horizons and spiritually enrich Kazakh teenagers. The subsidiaries of the KMG International Group - Rompetrol Moldova, KAZROM FLOUR LLP, Cricova-vin and SupremaLex companies and the Executive Committee of Gagauzia – sponsored the charity event.

Representatives of the Consulate General and the Rompetrol Moldova company met the participants of the tour at the Chisinau International Airport, and despite the long flight, immediately organized a city tour for the pupils.

Later, at dinner, the students enjoyed dishes of the Moldovan national cuisine which was rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and expressed their first impressions of the trip and their interest in the country’s traditions and customs, comparing them with Kazakhstan.

Seriously considering how to achieve success in a career as a pop star, Oralbek Zhussipov speaks very emotionally about his trip:

- For us, the news that we were invited to Moldova was very unexpected. Since that day, we had been looking forward to flying. The flight went very well, and when the plane landed, we were able to see the city through the windows. When we got out of the airport, the weather was beautiful. I also really like Moldavian national music. I hope that I can get to know it better, maybe I will learn some songs. I expect a lot from this trip.

The children have openly discussed their life and their plans for the future. They are optimistic about adulthood, dreaming of becoming professionals in selected professions. Tolganai Massalieva plans to become a mathematics teacher and Beksultan Alibek has chosen the path of the military - an officer of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan.

Karina Sulaimanova, dreaming of becoming a great surgeon, spoke about what she would remember about her first trip abroad:

- We really liked Moldova: such a warm climate and clean air. Chisinau itself is a very green and beautiful city. We want to learn as much as possible about the history of this country, its people, and to tell them about Kazakhstan.

- I am very happy for our children. It is a huge joy for me to see their happy and inspired faces, how they emotionally reveal themselves under the impression of the trip and the attention, warmth and responsiveness of people. I’m sure this trip will find a large response not only in the hearts of our pupils but also with the residents of the city of Arys, who have faced many challenges this summer,” remarked the director of the orphanage, Meruert Suyundikova. - We are grateful to all of the Kazakh people who supported us, and I want to express special sincere gratitude to the Consulate General of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nur Otan Party, who assisted in organizing this tour to Moldova for the children.

The pupil’s trip to Moldova will last until 13 September, during which they will visit museums, cultural and historical centers, a water park, entertainment centers, the Moldova-Turkey football match of the Euro 2020 qualifying round as well as a trip to the Black Sea.

On Monday, the children visited the Walk of Fame in the capital of the autonomous territorial formation in the south of Moldova, Gagauzia, - Comrat, where a bust of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and other iconic places and objects are installed.

Created at : 9.09.2019, 18:00, Updated at : 9.09.2019, 18:00